Beijing Dadao technology Co,Ltd. is founded in 2005. We are focused on R&D, producing and selling hardware and software in the field of RFID automatic identification, automated data collection and "Internet of things". Dadao Technology is a specialized handheld data terminal manufacturer of "Internet of things" committed to developing and producing a wide range of stabilized products. 
  With Turnkey Solution designs of handheld POS terminal,our products come with GPRS,RFID,Bar code,QR code,micropinter,WiFi,Zigbbe,433,bluetooth,IrDA,fingerprint,IC card,PSAM etc. function modules.The function modules can be assembled flexibled and can meet clients' requirements in various fields. Our pruducts have been widely used in manufacturing,logistics,members,warehousing,track inspection,transportation,agricultural monitoring,automatic meter reading,specialized inspection,parking,bicycle rent,bus one-card system,and other applications.

Brand of Dadao:

specialized handheld data terminal
manufacturer of "Internet of things"

biggest,stronggest,most specialized sales platform of development board in china

120 thousands members,committed to make a excellent electronic bbs


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